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Right Angle Socks = Rasox® 
Based on Human Engineering  


PLEASE TRY OUR SOCKS AND FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!  we support taking good care of your feet..


Ergonomic Design

Graduated Compression

- No Tight Binding / No Marks

- Ultimate Comfort

- Made in Japan


Our feet are attached to our legs at a 90 degree angle, whether standing, sitting, or lying down. The primary motion of the ankle is to flex forward and back, with minimal side to side movement. Therefore, why are socks all round and straight? Why aren’t socks designed with the same right angle? Thus Rasox® right angle socks were born based on human engineering, based on the human foot.


Rasox® are manufactured with a unique patented process that allows them to actually be knitted at a right angle. As a result Rasox® do not require tight binding elastic that inhibits circulation to hold themselves up. Instead, Rasox® gently support your foot by surrounding your ankle, heel, sole, and instep in a natural form that mimics your foots natural shape.









Rasox® do not need to be too tight to hold up. Rasox® provide a refreshingly different feeling of wearing socks as they gently surround your foot without binding. Rasox® is a new shape for socks providing ultimate comfort for a healthy lifestyle.



Rasox® have proven themselves in active sports, hospitals, and regular daily use for old and young alike.






Rasox USA, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, handles worldwide sales/promotional activities for Rasox® products.

Please contact us for any inquiry regarding Rasox® products. 



Love yourself, love your body, love your feet. Rasox® make the difference.




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